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Ron Halvorsen Sr.
Letting Christ Be Our Example
Ron Halvorsen was born in Brooklyn, NY. He was a gang leader in the turbulent 50’s. He pastored in Connecticut, Tennessee, Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas and Takoma Park, MD.

Ron was an evangelist for the Carolina Conference, Faith For Today and GC Metro Evangelist for New York City. He has held 31 Field Schools of Evangelism for Andrews University, Southwestern Adventist University, Union College and Southern Adventist University. Ron has taught homiletics at various colleges and was Ministerial director of the Mid-America Union. The last 17 years, before retiring, he was Church Growth Director of the Southern Union. He produced a Lay Pastoral Assistance Program and taught over 4,000 lay people
how to assist their pastor in ministry at their local churches. He now conducts seminars and is prayer coordinator for It Is Written. He also does prayer seminars for the North American Division. Ron has two books “From Gangs to God” and “Prayer Warriors.” Ron is married to Carrol, and they have two grown children who have followed their father in the pastoral ministry.
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