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H.M.S. Richards Sr.
Letting Christ Be Our Example
1. Personal Testimony
2. Why I Am What I Am
3. Why I Am a Seventh Day Adventist
4. If I Were A Young Minister Again
5. Bible Mother's
6. Are The Nations Of Europe In Bible Prophecy?
7. Christ At The Church Door
8. Christ's Millennial Reign
9. Florida Campmeeting 1961
10. God's Grace For The Millions
11. Hell's Two Unanswered Prayers
12. How We Know Jesus Christ Was The Messiah
13. Jesus In Genesis
14. Jesus Is Wonderful
15. Jesus, The World's Greatest Character
16. Jonah And The Whale
17. Our Beloved Dead
18. That Ordained Man
19. The Dove, The Cross, And The Right Hand Of God
20. Cleaning Out The Wells
21. Salvation For Believers
22. The Finished Mystery
23. The Last Prayer In The Bible
24. The Lord's Day of Jesus
25. The Man That God Forgot
26. The Man That God Tried To Kill
27. The Man Who Tried Again
28. The Man Who Was Born Three Times
29. The Man With Forty Names
30. The March Of Nations
31. The Prayer Jesus Refused To Pray
32. The Seven Wonders Of The World
33. The Sin God Never Forgives
34. The Sin We Are Afraid To Mention
35. The Soundless Heaven
36. The Tears Of Jesus
37. Ungodly Sinners Justified
38. Where Are We In The Bible
39. Where Jesus Is
40. Who Broke The Heart of Christ
41. The Golden Stairway
42. Christ, Israel's Messiah
43. Days Without End
44. God’s Eternal Purpose
45. Man of Mystery
46. New Jerusalem
47. Our Need of the Holy Spirit
48. Peace in Our Day
49. Repentance and Conversion Necessary
50. Signs of Christ's Return #1
51. Temples on Earth
52. The Burning Bush
53. The Earth for the Blessed
54. The Rest That Remains
55. The Sinner's Prayer
56. The Three Worlds of Holy Scripture
57. The Two Kingdoms
58. There Is a Judgement
59. Time for Translation
60. Watch Bible Prophecy
61. Who Believes in the Second Coming
62. Who Is the Messiah
63. Who Is This Man
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Harold Marshall Sylvester Richards, Sr. (1894–1985), commonly known as H.M.S. Richards, was a well known Seventh-day Adventist evangelist and author.

Born in Iowa, he is most famous for founding the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry and was a pioneer in religious radio broadcasting. His ministry inspired broadcasts in 36 languages on more than 1,100 stations, and Bible courses in 80 languages offered by 144 correspondence schools.

Richards married Mabel Annabel Eastman in 1920 and they had 1 daughter and 3 sons.

Upon graduation from Washington Missionary College (now Columbia Union College) in 1919, H.M.S. Richards served as an evangelist in various places in the United States and Canada and during this period experimented with radio announcements in connection with his meetings. He began regular radio program in October 19, 1929 on KNX (AM) in Los Angeles.

Later Richards broadcast daily live broadcasts of The Tabernacle of the Air over KGER in Long Beach, and live weekly remote broadcasts from his tabernacle to KMPC (AM) in Beverly Hills.

In January 1937 his footprint expanded over a network of several stations of the Don Lee Broadcasting System, and the name of the broadcast was changed to the Voice of Prophecy.

His first coast-to-coast broadcast over 89 stations of the Mutual Broadcasting System was on Sunday, January 4, 1942.

Throughout the years Richards' Voice of Prophecy broadcasts were marked by an opening theme song of "Lift Up the Trumpet" performed by the King's Heralds quartet and closed with his poem "Have Faith in God" each week having a new verse written.
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