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Morris Venden
Morris Lee Venden was born to Melvin Venden and Ivy Ruth Venden.

He has pastored several large churches such as the La Sierra University Church and Pacific Union College Church in California, and Union College Church in Nebraska. Later he pastored the Azure Hills Church near Loma Linda, California, from which he retired in August, 1998.

Venden then joined the Voice of Prophecy team as an associate speaker. As well as appearing on Voice of Prophecy radio broadcasts, he also speaks regularly on location.

One source described him as a "master" of the art of preaching amongst Adventists. Tapes of his sermons have been distributed widely.

Venden is married to Marilyn, and together they have ministered mostly to students and young professionals. His son Lee is also a pastor.

Venden is a strong advocate of righteousness by faith alone (see: evangelical Adventism). He also was a strong supporter of the Pillars of Seventh-day Adventism including the investigative judgment. He is famous for his parables.
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