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Henry M. Wright
Letting Christ Be Our Example
"I Will Put Emnity" Series 2006

1. I Will Put Enmity Part 1
2. I Will Put Enmity Part 2
3. I Will Put Enmity Part 3
4. I Will Put Enmity - Cain & Abel Part 4
5. I Will Put Enmity - The Enmity Factor Part 5
6. I Will Put Enmity - Now I See Part 6
7. I Will Put Enmity - Please Lord, Don't Leave Me Part 7
8. I Will Put Enmity - Thank You, Holy Spirit Part 8

"The Annual Florida Conference Camp Meeting" 2006

1. High On Grass
2. The Smell Of Pig
3. He Would Not Go In
4. When Jesus Pray's

"God Owns It All" Series 2007-2008

1. God In My Arms
2. When God Honors A Crook!
3. The Earth Is The Lord's Part 1
4. The Earth Is The Lord's Part 2
5. The Stewardship Of Influence
6. The Stewardship Of Emotions
7. The Stewardship Of Time
8. The Touch Of Elisha's Bones Part 1
9. The Touch Of Elisha's Bones Part 2
10. Christ And The Word
11. The Stewardship Of CPC Part 1
12. The Stewardship Of CPC Part 2
13. The Stewardship Of Beliefs
14. The Stewardship Of Trouble
15. The Essence Of Stewardship
16. The Stewardship Of Differences
17. The Stewardship Of Forgiveness Part 1
18. The Stewardship Of Forgiveness Part 2
19. The Stewardship Of Thanks Part 1
20. The Stewardship Of Thanks Part 2
21. Thanksgiving's Worst Virus
22. The Stewardship Of Hope
23. The Stewardship Of Rest

"You'd Better Get Ready" Series 2008

1. Keep The Sabbath Holy
2. The Sabbath In The New Testament Part 1
3. The Sabbath In The New Testament Part 2
4. The Sabbath & The Law
5. The Change Of The Sabbath
6. What Was Nailed To The Cross?
7. Refusing To Enter His Rest
8. Blessed Are They That Do
9. Remember
10. To Keep It Holy
11. Celebrate
12. Sabbath Revolution
13. How To Keep The Sabbath
14. Sabbath Feast
15. Hunger For Holiness
16. As For Me
17. If - Living In The Conjunctive

"The Three Angels Messages" Series 2008

1. The Everlasting Gospel
2. The Christ Who Can
3. The Christian Roller Coaster
4. Show Us the Father Part 2
5. Show Us the Father Part 1
6. The Church & The World
7. Eat The Book
8. Devil In The Backdoor
9. Weep And Howl!
10. The 1st Angels' Message Part 1
11. The 1st Angels' Message Part 2
12. The 1st Angels' Message Part 3
13. The Third Angels' Message

"Florida Conference Campmeeting" 2011

1. A Time Of Good News
2. Possessed
3. Staying Focused
4. A Loss Of Control

Additional Sermons

1. Who Is Worthy
2. Thank God, Jesus Is Guilty
3. First Things First
4. The Notebook
5. Sabbath Sermon Campmeeting 7-15-06
6. The Courtship Is Over
7. To Reigh With Christ
8. On Being A Man
9. The Marriage Of Adam And Eve
10. The Promise
11. Impressions
12. Mastering The Mission
13. He That Shall Come, Will Come
14. I Have Not Come To Destroy
15. Getting To Know Me
16. As Old As God
17. God All By Himself
18. Love Me For Me Part 1
19. Love Me For Me Part 2
20. Will You Marry Me?
21. Roots
22. Ears That Do Not Listen
23. Ointments On The Shelf
24. The Gospel In A Choplet Sandwich
25. Prayers That God Did Not Answer
26. Now Is The Time
27. Cleaning House
28. The Forgotten Person of The Godhead
29. The Holy Spirit & Your Temperament Part 1
30. The Holy Spirit & Your Temperament Part 2
31. The Holy Spirit & Choosing a Mate
32. The Holy Spirit in Your Marriage
33. The Holy Spirit and Your Children
34. When Will You Stand Up?
35. The Holy Spirit at the Cross
36. What Do You Have?
37. Who is Writing Your Sermon?
38. It's Not Too Late, Yet
39. The Real Sin of Ananias & Sapphira
40. Thinking Big Like the Holy Spirit
41. What God Did When His People Could Not Get Along
42. Can You See Jesus Through the Stones?
43. Obeying the Holy Spirit
44. When God Knocks You Off Your Horse
45. No Respector of Persons
46. Accepting God's Assignment
47. Heaven's Mathematics
48. No Breath, No Life
49. The Essential Question
50. Who Are You?
51. Real Power Part 1
52. Real Power Part 2
53. Real Power Part 3
54. The Last Days, The Holy Spirit, & You
55. The Gifts & the Giver Part 1
56. The Gifts & the Giver Part 2
57. The Gifts & the Giver Part 3
58. Take Up Your Cross
59. Child of the Spirit
60. Matthew's Story
61. Who Are We
62. The Fungus Of Fear Part 1
63. The Fungus Of Fear Part 2
64. Love At First Sight
65. Being The Best Lover Part 1
66. Being The Best Lover Part 2
67. The Cross Demands a Clear Head
68. What's Love Got To Do With It?
69. Repent and Be Baptized
70. Mark the Gospel of Action
71. I Still Believe
72. The Wedding & The Cleansing
73. Let the Spirit Do Its Work
74. The Truth About You
75. With Him I am Comfortable
76. Wrong Answer
77. Jesus Rejected
78. Three Things Jesus Said At His Trial
79. The Family of Jesus
80. Owned by God
81. The City of Refuge
82. Are You Ready to Run?
83. Looks are Deceiving
84. Who Will Lead Them?
85. The Acceptable Year
86. The Cost to the Lamb
87. Help My Unbelief
88. Saved to Serve
89. The Danger of Walking on Dry Land
90. Prayer In Exodus
91. Why the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
92. Live What You Say
93. Ten Things to Learn Before You Are Fifty
94. Carrying the Cross You Created
95. Surviving the Plagues Part 1
96. Surviving the Plagues Part 2
97. Pentecost Part 1
98. A Problem with the Crop
99. The People Cannot Come Up
100. Christ our Passover
101. Blow the Trumpet in Zion
102. Paying The Bills
103. Weep For The Children
104. They Call Him Gabriel
105. Prayers That God Did Not Answer
106. It's Time To Stop Watching The Saints
107. It's Time To Watch Out For The Stuff
108. The Assyrians Are Gone
109. The Golden Cord Of The Bible
110. The Unfinished Parable
111. The Promise Was Made For You
112. I Have Proof
113. A World Deceived
114. A Search For Evidence
115. Learning To Live With Lions
116. I Do Not Apologize
117. Death of A King
118. What Are You Teaching
119. Claimed
120. I'll Take What's Left (incomplete)
121. Birth and Mission
122. The Right To Worship
123. War Stories (The Doctrine of Ministry)
124. What If God Accepts Your Priorities?
125. Who Are You?
126. The Six Angels Of Revelation 14
127. Thrust Thy Sickle and Reap
128. The Seven Seals Part 1 (The Effects of Not Loving)
129. The Seven Seals Part 2
130. The Disease of Division
131. I Know You
132. Mission and Prophecy
133. Just Beyond The Veil
134. A Loving Moment In The Bible
135. The Beast Within
136. Save The Roots
137. The Fire Next Time
138. Receiving The Revelation
139. Ten Commandment Day
140. The Good News
141. The Church At The Pool
142. God's Care For His Church
143. Lot's Decision Making
144. Revelation's Ephesus Too Much Mud
145. Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone
146. Too Full To Be Filled (Potomac Con. CM 2010)
147. Revive From Revelation (England CM 2011)


1. Safe In His Arms
2. Safe In My Mind
3. Safe Anyhow
4. It Is Safe To Do The Impossible
5. Safe
Sermon Library
You can call him Minister, Professor, or Family Counselor. Elder Henry Monroe Wright began his ministerial career in 1964 after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Oakwood College. He further qualified himself for the ministry by obtaining a Master’s of Systematic Theology from Andrews University in 1965. Sensing the need for additional training, Henry M. Wright received another Master’s Degree from Ohio based Methodist Theological Seminary in 1978. He also attended Vanderbilt University from 1979 to 1981 for postgraduate studies in church administration. His ministerial assignments have taken him to Louisville, Kentucky, Greenville and Jackson, Mississippi, Columbus, Ohio, and presently Alexandria, Virginia. During his fourty-two years of ministry, he has received more than forty awards and recognition for pastoral leadership, preaching and evangelism.

Over the years, Elder Wright has been given special assignments to serve on various committees including the Adventist Media Center Reorganization Commission, General Conference Commission on Women’s Ordination, and the North American Division Committee for Union and Local Conference Secretaries’ and Church Clerk Manuals. He has also written numerous articles in various church periodicals. Pastor Wright has had the consistent opportunity to be guest speaker and evangelist at many events, both in the United States and throughout the world.